IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Belgian Beer Journal will undergo a site redesign


It has become very apparent that if we try to expand the amount of pages and tab links with the current layout of our website, it will begin to look clunky.

Given this fact, we have decided to overhaul the look of our website with a brand new layout. We’ll be spending the month of March to do this. Our page has had the same look for 18 months now… it’s time to renew for Spring 2015!

NOTE: During our renewal, you may see some links or pages unavailable… we will do our best to keep the integrity of our website the same during construction.

We hope you will remain supporters of ours during this time of renewal. And, at the reveal of our new site design, (again, we’re shooting for the end of March 2015) we hope to make a major announcement regarding the potential business collaboration we have mentioned in the month of February 2015 at our social media pages… Stay tuned!

Thank you for understanding,
Belgian Beer Journal

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We’ve updated our BrewView from January 13, 2014 on Sierra Nevada’s OVILA ABBEY QUAD WITH PLUMS to reflect our tasting notes and overall impression for the 2015 version. Click on the picture to read our update…

NEW BEER BOOKS AVAILABLE NOW: Belgian Organic Beers and 17 Delicious Beer Recipes

As more people become health conscious, one may wonder if beer consumption fits into that lifestyle. We say it most certainly does! Here at Belgian Beer Journal, we have always advocated MODERATE and RESPONSIBLE CONSUMTPTION of beer. Simply do a Google search on “Moderate Drinking” or Moderate Beer Drinking” and numerous articles are found.

With this upward trend of health consciousness comes a desire by many to switch to a vegetarian (or fully vegan) lifestyle, with foods that are certified ORGANIC. Although we are not vegetarians here at Belgian Beer Journal (our meat consumption consists mostly of organic chicken or line-caught fish, with a nice hamburger once in a great while) we are strong supporters of consuming organically produced products- meat, dairy, produce, and yes, BEER! We must say, we fully respect the decision that one makes to embrace a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce our new affiliate partner, BELGIUM ORGANIC! They have just released two fantastic books: BELGIAN ORGANIC BEERS and 17 DELICIOUS BEER RECIPES.


Very well written, it is obvious that the author Elke Aerts and her contributors have provided information that is well researched, with up-to-date information.

The book is divided into the following subjects: The History of Beer, The Industrialization of Beer, what Belgian organic beers are all about, and the Belgian brewers that produce them, and much more. The book details all the Belgian organic beers in detail (brewer by brewer) that are available to the health conscious consumer. There are flavor profiles, serving temperature suggestions and food pairing suggestions.


As everyone knows, Belgium is famous for being a gastronomic country that celebrates a joie de vivre through it’s world renowned “Cuisine à la bière.” 17 Delicious Beer Recipes takes you on a wonderful journey in the art of cooking with beer.

Beautifully illustrated, this book provides easy-to-understand recipes ranging from casual to fine dining. And of course, all of its recipes are fully vegetarian or vegan, prepared with the wonderful Belgian organic beers that are listed in the first book. For all you health conscious foodies, both books are must read and a great addition to your library!


Early in life, Elke Aerts developed a passion for design, photography, plant ecology and delicious food. This broad field of interest urged her to start her own business, so that she could combine these passions in various ways. And she succeeded at this.

In 2012 she founded – with her husband – the eco lifestyle magazine Visita. Currently, with the help of some enthusiastic writers, a new issue is published every two months. Her interest in bio- and ecological life determined a very large proportion of who she is, what she does and how she looks at the world. To her, conscious living means minimizing the adverse effects of your activities, undertakings or consumption on humans, animals and the environment.

Organic beers are in fact one of her passions and this book was a long-cherished wish, she saw coming true at long last. She likes to drink her beer and if bread and cookies need to be baked with beer as an ingredient, it is very difficult to keep her out of the kitchen. Needless to say that both books are very dear to her and she wanted to make a complete document where all interests meet.

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The Best Belgian Beers for Valentine’s Day!

Belgian Beer Journal:

Here’s a re-post of our Valentine’s Day article from last year… it still holds true…

Originally posted on Belgian Beer Journal:

VALENTINE’S DAY. A universal holiday symbolizing love for those blessed and fortunate to be in love! This day evokes so many emotions for many… For us, it symbolizes a day to express passion towards that special someone.  Whenever we see the images of Valentine’s Day, it is intertwined with the following colors in some form or another:

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