Quick Brewview on Adelbert’s Brewery- THE TRAVELER BELGIAN-STYLE IPA

Hey everyone! We thought we would fit in a quick, unscheduled “Brewview” for the BREWERY OF THE MONTH for August 2014! This is for Adelbert’s Brewery- THE TRAVELER BELGIAN-STYLE IPA…


Style Category: Belgian-Style India Pale Ale

THE ALE:  This deep golden ale possesses an aromatic nose with floral and fruity notes. Its flavors are a blend of warm, soft biscuity malts followed by a complex, clean finish. With this ale, we aimed to create an easy drinking, one-of-a-kind IPA that leaves you wanting more.

THE STORY:  The Traveler is homage to Del’s lifetime of traveling. From Colombia to Kenya and everywhere in between, Del experienced the world in ways few others ever will, and we are forever grateful for his stories. We hope to inspire you to go out and make your own adventures.


7% ABV. Served in the Adelbert’s Brewery snifter at 50° F. Poured a Amber / Copper color, with a nice dark golden rim. Poured an easy 2-finger height white-colored head, with nice tight bubbles (we ensured this was a “Beer Clean” glass). As the head collapses, it leaves behind even sheeted Brussels lacing in the glass. It is bottle conditioned, and of course we poured the yeast sediment into the glass… The meniscus is slow rising.

Upfront, there are immediate aromas of pine, citrus, and Special B malt aromas. The hop aromas are well balanced. There is also spiciness and clove in the bouquet.

Definitive hop pine spiciness, with faint apricot and biscuit in the background. Nice balance between hops, fruitiness, and malt sweetness.

Medium bodied, medium carbonation level. It hits the very tip of the tongue, and fills the sides of the mouth. It is not an overly carbonated beer, so the effervescence level is very mild. The mouthfeel you experience is of hop bitterness / dryness / pininess that lingers for a moderate amount of time, and rounds out nicely.


Roquefort, Aged Cheddar, Gorgonzola. (We enjoyed it with a Wensleydale infused with cranberries and blueberries, and a Camembert)

Spicy Seafood, Curry, Steak. (We enjoyed it with pizza topped with spicy chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and pickled artichokes)

Carrot Cake, Chocolate Truffles, Fruit Salad.

ADELBERT’S THE TRAVELER is a well-crafted Belgian-Style IPA. As we’ve mentioned before, we’re not fans of typical MEGAHOP IPA’s, but Belgian-Style IPA’s are another matter. We like that there is a nice hop-malt balance, with good fruity esters.

We picked this up at our local Liquor Barn in Redding, California… we were curious about it, because the info sheet we received on it from Adelbert’s Brewery states that is compares to 2 very noteworthy IPA’s from Belgium. It is a nice balance of Belgian and American brewing styles. This is the 7th beer we’ve fully enjoyed rom August 2014’s BREWERY OF THE MONTH! Another terrific value for the price. Seek this one out… it’s an EXCELLENT session beer for sure!

Look what we got in the mail today!

Well, well, well! Look what we got in the mail today from the fine folks at Adelbert’s Brewery!  These will make a great addition to our upcoming review pictures for their awesome beers…

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We’ve launched a new and exciting page and service to all breweries worldwide who produce Belgian beer, Belgian Style, or Belgian Inspired beers… Check out our BREWERY OF THE MONTH program!

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FLANDERS FIELDS: The Great War Centenary 2014-2018

In 2014 it will be 100 years since the First World War started. WWI raged through large parts of the province of West-Flanders. This war came at an enormous cost in human lives and left an everlasting scar on the landscape of Flanders Fields. The project ‘The Great War Centenary’ was put up to commemorate these events in a fitting way. Westtoer and the province of West-Flanders want to make both adults and youngsters aware of the theme ‘no more war’.

To learn more about this event, visit: Flanders Fields



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