New page and service: BREWERY OF THE MONTH

We’ve launched a new and exciting page and service to all breweries worldwide who produce Belgian beer, Belgian Style, or Belgian Inspired beers… Check out our BREWERY OF THE MONTH program!

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FLANDERS FIELDS: The Great War Centenary 2014-2018

In 2014 it will be 100 years since the First World War started. WWI raged through large parts of the province of West-Flanders. This war came at an enormous cost in human lives and left an everlasting scar on the landscape of Flanders Fields. The project ‘The Great War Centenary’ was put up to commemorate these events in a fitting way. Westtoer and the province of West-Flanders want to make both adults and youngsters aware of the theme ‘no more war’.

To learn more about this event, visit: Flanders Fields



Important changes to BELGIAN BEER JOURNAL

Dear Belgian Beer Journal reader:

As you may have noticed, our website has been trimmed down a bit- as evidenced by the missing link buttons in the link bar above. Below is a list of the following changes:

1. THE CUISINE PAGES HAVE BEEN REMOVED. We felt that the cuisine sections of our website weren’t getting as near as much attention as our beer review pages are. We are focusing our attention to beer. There are already several food review websites and blogs on the net today. The truth is, we posted VERY FEW food recipe articles in the past 10 months; there simply hasn’t been enough time to include food articles when writing about Belgian beer is already very time consuming.

2. THE EVENTS PAGE HAS BEEN CONDENSED. Instead of creating multiple event pages, we decided to streamline all events on one page. This makes it much easier for our readers to find event listings, dates, etc.

3. THE PLACES PAGE HAS BEEN CONDENSED. Similar reason as the EVENTS PAGE change.

4. THE PHOTOS PAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED. All pictures will be on reviews or posts.

5. THE MEDIA PAGE (NEWS AND VIDEOS) HAS BEEN REMOVED- FOR NOW. Any newsworthy postings will simply be made at the home page . Our video page will return when we start producing video beer reviews. Videos will be sometime in the future.

6. THE SHOP PAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED- FOR NOW. Eventually, we are looking to have an online store available for shoppers to purchase Belgian Beer Journal merchandise- glassware, etc. That’s one of our goals for the future.

7. THE TRAVEL PAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED- FOR NOW. We are seeking to collaborate with travel companies that focus on travelling to Belgium- brewery tours, etc. This is another goal in the future.

We made these changes to make room for an exciting change to Belgian Beer Journal… more about that will be announced later this week! Stay tuned.

op uw gezondheid!
à votre santé!

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Belgian National Day (Dutch: Belgische nationale feestdag; French: Fête nationale belge; German: Belgischer Nationalfeiertag) is the National Day of Belgium celebrated on 21 July each year. It is one of twelve public holidays in Belgium.

The festival’s establishment dates to a law of 27 May 1890 and commemorates an event on 21 July 1831 in which Leopold of Saxe-Cobourg swore allegiance to the new Belgian constitution, thus becoming the first “King of the Belgians“. The king’s vow marked the start of the independent state of Belgium under a constitutional monarchy and parliament… READ MORE

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3rd Annual NAMUR BEER FESTIVAL – July 11-13, 2014

The 3rd annual NAMUR BEER FESTIVAL is being held this weekend! There will be 40 breweries (large and small), with 150 beers to try and discover, and there will also be some very nice food discoveries as well…

This year, all beers awarded at the Best Belgian Beer of Wallonia contest will be available during this three-day festival. All are welcome- Invite your friends! For more info, click on the picture below or visit:


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